5 Steps to a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Social Media. You might be thinking “Meh, we don’t need it. Word of mouth works just fine for us.”

Don’t be so limited in your marketing beliefs!  Social media IS the “word of mouth” mechanism of the 21st century and you are literally closing the door on potential customers by not using it!

Companies from small one-woman operations to Fortune 500’s are using social media, sometimes exclusively, to share their branding messages. 

On Facebook alone, you’d be surprised how many people ask their friends lists for product and service recommendations like mechanics, accountants, doctors, hair salons, and on and on!

But you can’t just throw up a new account and post a few items and hope for the best.  It takes time and strategy to be effective.  Here are 5 steps to get you started.

Understand your business’ social media goals.

Ask yourself, what am I doing this for?  Do you want to obtain new customers?  Find new employees?  Increase your reach? 

Figure out what your goals are and why each one is important to the business.  It is extremely important to have an end game for social media strategies.  No one has time or effort to waste. 😉

Take the time to think your social media goals through and how those goals will best improve your business.

Analyze what’s already been done.

What’s your competition doing?  Research them.  “Creep” their social media accounts.  What seems to be working for them?  What’s flopped? 

Think how you could put your own spin on what they’ve done successfully.

Develop a content strategy.

Decide how often you’ll post to the account.  This is the key to social media success: consistency.  You also gain insights and statistics to determine what works and what doesn’t from posting consistently.

What kind of content will you share?  Articles?  Videos?  Infographics?  Images?  Ads?  What content best fits your brand and what you’re currently doing in your business?

Stay away from advertising only.  People want to see useful, helpful content.  If all you do is sell, sell, sell, you will piss them off, off, off and kill your social media strategy before it even begins.

Who is creating the content?  Where does the content go?  Publish the right content to the right platform. Be professional.  Be fun.  Be appropriate.  You want to reach the right audience.

Track the progress of the social media account with analytics.

In order to determine if a particular campaign or post type is working — you need to monitor it. 

Facebook has it’s own “Insights”, as do the other platforms.  You can also track with Google Analytics, or even third party services like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, etc.

What isn’t measured can’t be analyzed.

Adjust, Repeat, Adjust, Repeat.

Gaining insightful and useful statistics will take time.  Review weekly and monthly for at least three months.  Repeat what works, adjust what doesn’t. Once you start working on a social media strategy, and doing it consistently, you’ll start to see the benefits pretty quickly.

All this sounds pretty daunting and complicated, but lucky for you, Solopreneur Media can help you tackle all of it!  Hop on over to our Facebook page and shoot Lisa a message.  She’ll get you started on the right foot with a winning social media strategy!

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