Traditional Training and Course Development
SUCK the Life Out of You.

Way back in 1995, I dropped out of my 1st year of college.  I was studying computer programming and secondary education.  I found my programming instructor was unable to answer my questions.  What the hell was I paying $10K a semester for?

At my job, it was required to attend quarterly “training” sessions.  I’m sure you’ve attended them.  Boring, full-day, mind-numbing classes that give you absolutely nothing except the urge to nap.  Ugh.

I knew there was a better way (even in my very young early 20-‘s) to teach computer and business skills.

So, I quit my job.  I started offering one-on-one computer skill classes out of my home office.  All I had was a desktop computer I had built myself, a desk, a chair, and a 3 line classified ad I ran in the local newspaper.

I never, in my wildest dreams, could have predicted what happened next.


Phone Ringing, The BEST Student Ever, & A Found Calling

Mrs. Nettie Abraham was the first person to call me.  She explained she was looking to update her secretarial skills and had to learn something called “Windows 95”.  

Nettie was 70 years old.  Retired. And had no idea how to use a computer.  She’d already tried the temp agency — but they only had classes for people who already knew how to use a computer.  Not even the local college could help her.  That’s when she saw my ad in the newspaper.

I created a custom training plan for her.  I taught her how to “drive” a mouse, open programs, create documents, use spreadsheets, etc.  At the end of our time together, I gave Mrs. Nettie a final exam.  A 30 minute exam took her just over an hour.  When she was finished, she sat down and cried.  She was just positive she’d need to take the course again.

“Mrs. Nettie — you got all the answers PERFECT!”  

The look on her face and her grabbing me in a hug only grandmother’s know how to give — hooked me forever.  

I had found my calling and Mrs. Nettie got the job she wanted too.

Mrs. Nettie stayed in contact with me for the next few years, bringing me cookies on my birthday and at Christmas.  When she passed, it felt like my own grandmother passed away.

Screw College - Hello Certifications
Just Say NO to Canned Corporate Crap

Between my individual and corporate clients, I also continued learning and growing.  I obtained certifications in Microsoft and WordPerfect application training.  

What I found during my education was disturbing.  Canned course material.  Boring course material.  Hard to follow course material.  Complicated course material.  GAH!!!

I made it my mission to not only develop my own training materials but to also get those training materials into the hands of businesses across the state!  From training manuals to in-person training, there was no stopping me from helping people obtain the knowledge they desperately wanted!

“My employees complained and complained about the Microsoft training we had them go through. My neighbor had taken a few classes with Lisa and recommended I give her a call. After our initial meeting and the training manuals Lisa brought with her, I bought her entire Microsoft Suite of manuals for each of my departments. Two years later, I still call Lisa when we have training issues!”
Sharon Henry

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for teaching things “action-by-action”.

Not just “step by step”…

But actually going into the nitty gritty details that give you the confidence to build amazing, profitable systems in your business without the crazy tech freak outs and crippling overwhelm.

I’ve shown entrepreneurs not only how to “DIY” but how to DO IT BETTER. Without freakin TF out over the tech.

I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know.

“When I need to figure out the best way to teach something, I consult Lisa. Lisa Bonner is not just my secret weapon – she’s a super power. She always knows the right thing to say, the right thing to do, the right thing to charge, and the right thing to ask, especially when money is on the line.”
Phoebe Lipscomb

Ready to take your big stand and get REAL traction in your business...

And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100x?

Lisa Bonner, Instructional Design Business Coach, Founder, Solopreneur Media

Meet Lisa

I’m a wife, mother, and am currently owned by a rescue dog and cat.  When I have free time, I make jewelry, read horror fiction by Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and my absolute loves are cheesecake and cookies.  My favorite hashtags are #CheesecakeCaloriesDontCount and #CookiesAreLife.

I’m sweet, kind, sarcastic, mean, hilarious, goofy, silly, serious, afraid, courageous, and feel young most days. (almost 50 is the new 30, right?) 😉

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“Hire Lisa and completely upgrade your business! A brilliant teaching mind with a no-BS approach, Lisa will tell you like it is and have you taking action in ways you never thought you could.”
Catheryn Sandifer

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