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Things we want to know: how are we treating you?  How can we help you?  Did we get something wrong?  Did we do something fan-tabu-lastic for you? Do you need a quick question answered and don't want to ask your co-worker?  Come on!  Just drop us a quick message--- no one else has to know!

(Haha!  Seriously, we answer all mail, so don't be afraid to click send.  Even if you just say "could someone call me?".)

picture of Lisa Bonner, Founder/Owner of SoloPreneur Media

Contact Lisa Bonner Directly

I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact me using any of the methods below.

Facebook Company Page @Solopreneur Media
LinkedIn Profile @ Lisa Bonner
Telephone: 314-643-6680 CST/Voicemail
Skype ID: lisakaybonner
SnapChat: lisakbonner

You will hear from me, personally within 24 business hours (M - F).  I usually don't work weekends (we all need a break, right?) - so Monday through Friday, it is.

Since I know you hate spam as much as I do -- please don't spam me.