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Creating Clickable Headlines

clickable headlines

You’ve got excellent ideas for content.  You have tons of posts just waiting to be published.  Except you can’t publish them. Because you don’t know what to call the post so people will click, read, share, pin, tweet, chat and post all over social media!  Headlines that draw people in are ones that make the reader feel something: right now, in X days, it will be gone forever, saves time, happy, solves a problem, and hook them in.

On average, fives times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.

Learn about:

  • How to create killer headlines
  • How to create powerful headlines
  • Urgent Headlines
  • Emotional Headlines
  • Problem-solving Headlines
  • Curiosity Headlines
  • & more!

Headlines that sell blog posts are those that give them a benefit that makes them feel a certain way.  Example: “How to Start a Business So You Can Spend More Time With Your Kids”.  People don’t buy your product or your service.  They buy things that make them feel a certain way: saving them time, money, they feel good using it, their families feel good, it makes them enjoy themselves, and solves a problem.  It doesn’t matter what you are selling – it doesn’t matter if you are giving it away for free.  It only matters that the customer or reader “needs” what you have.

The better your headline, the better you’ll be able to sell to your readers!  Here is a sampling of clickable headlines.

Replace the blank lines with your keyword and/or phrases to fit the headlines.

Headlines with a Sense of “Right Now!”

A sense of urgency gets your reader to act right away.  People tend to respond to deadlines, especially if it involves a discount.  I mean, who doesn’t love to save money?

  1. How to “_________________” before you “___________________”.  (desired benefit, undesirable thing)
  2. If You Don’t “_______________” Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later.
  3. Don’t Miss Out on “_______________”.
  4. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to “__________________”.
  5. “________________” Can’t Last Forever!
  6. Be Among the First to “__________________”!

Headlines That Make The Customer Feel Something

The majority of sales is all based on psychology.  We love to buy and read about things that will make us feel good or avoid being unhappy.  #FOMO

  1. See How Easily You Can “_________________________”.
  2. Imagine “________________________” and Loving Every Minute of It!
  3. Here’s a Quick Way to “_____________________”.
  4. “______” Questions Answered About “___________________”
  5. Never Suffer From “_________________” Again!
  6. If You Can “____________________” You Can “____________________________”!
  7. How You Can “__________________” Almost Instantly!
  8. How to Become “___________________” When You “_____________________”
  9. How to Use “________________” To “_________________”
  10. How to Turn Your “________________” Into “_____________________”

Headlines That Solve a Problem

No matter what type of blog you have, your content is, in one way or another, solving a problem for the reader.  People like things that will make their lives easier.  The real trick is figuring out the reader’s pain point and capitalizing on that.

  1. The Biggest Lie in “____________________”
  2. “_____” Ways to Avoid “_______________” Killing Your “_________________”
  3. “___________” May Be Why You Are Losing Out On “_____________________”
  4. Do Not Try Another “______________” Until You “_________________________”
  5. The Sooner You Know “________________________” the Better “____________________________”
  6. “___________” May Be Causing You to Lose Out On”____________________”

Headlines That Provide Proof

  1. “____” Ways to “_______________” that “_________________” Used
  2. Why Everyone in “___________________” is “___________” (And Maybe You Should Too!)
  3. Who Else Wants “___________________________________”?
  4. How “_____________” Got “___________________” Without “____________________”

Headlines That Make Readers Curious

An excellent way to get a reader to click is to make them wonder just what the heck it is you are talking about.  Or better yet – you are teasing them with something so amazing – they HAVE to click right now to find out about it.  These kinds of headlines can be tricky though.  Your content had better be just as amazing as the headline is.

  1. “_______________” Felt Stupid for Not Knowing this “____________________”
  2. Top “___” Who Are “________________________________” Than You Realized
  3. “_____” Amazing “_________________” You Must See Before You Die
  4. “_______  __________________” Don’t Want You to Know About “________________________________”

You don’t have to stop here!  Use these headlines in not only your blog posts, but use them on your social media posts, and as subject lines for your email series!!  Know where else you can use these headlines? In your email newsletters!