How to Grow a Facebook Page Organically

How to grow a Facebook page organically.  What does that mean?

Grow a Facebook Page Organically - Solopreneur Media

Growing a Facebook page organically means to build an engaged audience through a consistent posting strategy without the use of paid ads.  (My preferred way!)

Despite what all the big media agencies say, you don’t have to buy Facebook ads to grow your Facebook business page.  You can grow the page just by being consistent, engaging, and valuable. 

Here are some things you can do to grow a Facebook page organically: 

1. Develop a regular posting schedule.

You can do this with an external or internal FB scheduler (the myth that external hurts your reach is hogwash).

2.Post around at least 4 – 5x a day.

Never share more than 2 things that are your own with this schedule.

3. Share relevant content that isn’t yours.

It should include videos, images, articles, etc that will interest your audience. You need to be a content curator and not just a self-promoter.

4. Don’t ignore post likes.

Every time people like your posts, click on the likes and if they have not yet liked your page, invite them to do so.

5. Tell everyone you communicate with about your page.

Include links to your FB page in your newsletter and posts encouraging people to follow you there.  Don’t be shy!  Promote your page on other social media accounts as well!

6. Be human.  Be there.

When people share or make comments, engage with them.  Answer questions, engage in a conversation, and contribute!  Facebook likes it when there is communication going on with posts and will reward your page with exposure to more people.

7. Have awesome images.

Make sure your profile image tells people what your page is about and looks good on both mobile and desktop. Many images are shrunk or cut off on mobile, so you want to ensure it looks good on both.

Check your profile image. It too should tell the story about who you are with a logo or other branding people can see.

8. Complete the page profile.

Make sure that your about and profile are properly completed as your page can be shown as a recommended page to others. If not sure what to do, use other pages in your niche for inspiration and potential keywords you want to include.

9. If your target audience isn’t on Facebook – skip the page.

You can grow your page, if that is where your audience lives.  If your target audience is not there, that will not help you at all. You need to make sure you do your research to find out where the people are who you need to read.

Brands also like those FB pages for some reason, so you do want to continue to work on it. Even if it does not grow, develop a plan and schedule a week’s worth of content out at a time, so you aren’t spending too much time.

I hope this helps you!  Feel free to share your business page in the comments below…

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