Six Figure Success Framework

Want to launch a profitable online program in 30 days


The Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM is THE step-by-step blueprint to monetize your knowledge and turn it into content to create your very own branded, online coaching program that's ready to launch in 30 days or less!

You know that you have the solution that can help people and can change lives, but the problem is:

How many of these success-killers are holding you back from YOUR six-figure success?

 PROCRASTINATION  because you lack the clarity on HOW to create and set up your course.

 OVERWHELMED  with all the information out there teaching you WHAT to do so you stay stuck.

 PERFECTIONISM  that everything has to be perfect BEFORE you can launch. (Truthfully, it could simply be a  symptom of fear or wavering confidence).

 TOO MANY IDEAS  so you bounce from one idea to another idea so your vision of your program doesn’t get finalized.

 TECHNOLOGY  has been the BIGGEST challenge holding you back from creating your program and moving forward!

 SALES CALL RELUCTANT  Because you don’t have a well structured, step-by-step program to offer and sell… one that your dream clients feel excited and confident about.

If you can relate to even ONE of these success-killers, you NEED the Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM


What Is It Costing YOU To Continue To Stay As Your Own BEST KEPT SECRET And Not Have Your Own SIX-FIGURE Program Out There?

What would it mean for you to be able to teach your signature method, helping the PEOPLE you want, the WAY you want, HOW you want and it allows you to generate multiple streams of income, giving you more freedom and flexibility, while doing it in a way that's FUN, stress-free and simple?

I'm offering you a pain-free and simple solution to STOP all the madness and put an end to procrastination of "not knowing how" or letting any more fear get in the way of you creating, leveraging and monetizing your knowledge to create your very own, branded, SIX-FIGURE program that sells!

Hello! I'm Lisa Bonner

I’m an award winning Instructional Design and Business coach, and have been known as the “Training Lady” .

I’ve been the secret client-getting weapon behind some of the top 6 and 7-figure leading organizations in the coaching and online education industry. 

For over two decades, I have worked with a variety of coaches and entrepreneurs, helping them package their knowledge into an irresistible program by teaching them a proven system of creating highly motivating programs, so they can live their purpose, make a bigger impact and achieve unstoppable success- and it all begins with having your very own branded, Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM first.

Having a Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM means you can Increase Your Income, Increase Your Average Sale, and Make Yourself In-Demand, and

You instantly become seen as a more CREDIBLE expert!

Without having a blueprint to go by, you'll continue to stay stuck in the areas that test your confidence.
Delaying income-generating sales indefinitely!

IMAGINE Your Branded, Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM is READY to Launch in 30 Days or Less... And you no longer struggle with...

Days, Month, and Years of wasted time trying to figure out how to create and monetize your knowledge.

Technology Overwhelm.

Working harder to customize a solution for every single client.

If you continue to keep getting "ready" to get ready, and stay stuck, your program will never get launched, your message won't get heard, and no one will get to experience your wisdom and gifts!!

You'll continue to sit on the sideline watching everyone else take part in this multi-billion dollar online education industry while they experience more freedom by creating courses and programs - when this person should be YOU!

My question is: Why not YOU, and why not NOW??

What if You Could FINALLY

The Great News Is... You Absolutely CAN!

Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM

The Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM is the step-by-step blueprint to monetize your knowledge and turn it into content to create your very own branded, signature program that's ready to launch in 30 days or less!

1st Class begins January 11, 2021 7pm CST

The Course

Six Figure Success Framework

Total Combined Value = $8,488

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Six Figure Success Framework Bonuses

YOUR Course Cost = $988 *

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Don't Just take My Word For it...

Crystle Coutu

I feel so good about my program now that I doubled my program rates from $2500 to $5000, and put someone into my Diamond Package. This is the first client to EVER purchase my Diamond Package! I’ve achieved more in a few weeks than I have in two years since becoming a coach!

Beverly Barber

I more than TRIPLED my business in 1 month, and more than TRIPLED my income because I not only enrolled 3x more clients into my Tier 1 program, but I doubled my rates and got more client signing up with the increased price! I brought in $150,000 in just 6 months from people enrolling into my group program.

Jessica Alvarez

Lisa is an exceptional coach and you need to follow her system. Her ability to inspire her clients to take action and step into a higher level of belief that they can reach their goals is a total game changer. I am grateful for the skills she taught me to not only stand for my clients but I now have a duplicatable process that allows me to coach and enroll clients, and it is so rewarding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from fully participating in the program?

You will see a HUGE boost in clarity and confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, and how you can better monetize and package your knowledge into a program that sells! All of this will naturally lead to greater sales, more clients, and more money, while experiencing more freedom when you follow the framework.

Who is The Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM NOT for?

This is not for you if you believe you can’t follow a proven system. If you think you already have enough clients, are perfectly ok with continuing to do this alone, think that you know all you need to know about the different ways to work with clients.

If you can’t follow simple blueprints, easy instructions, or fill out templates, or sell a product, instead of a service, this is not for you.

What kind of business is the Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM for?

The signature program is designed for professional service-based providers such as coaches, consultant, teachers, speakers, trainers, educators, experts that want to offer a course or program that can be monetized.

I already have clients, how will this benefit me?

Awesome! You’ll be able to take what you’ve already been doing to create content and turn it into a program that’s a lot more lifestyle friendly, and be able to charge high-ticket prices! You’ll have a way to work with your clients that is now even more powerful and structured. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to finally charge more, make more, be in demand, and stand out. You’ll find it much more effortless to sign up clients when you have your very own, branded Six-Figure Success FrameworkTM!

I still have questions, how do I get them answered?

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via text message at +1-314-643-6680; via FB Messenger at SolopreneurMedia; or by email at lisa@solopreneurmedia.com

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